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Published: 01st June 2011
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Providing quality outdoor playground experiences for children involves more than simply constructing a safe climbing structure and allowing them to experience fresh air and exercise. Language, social and creative skills in particular benefit from play areas with landscapes and equipment that enable them to try new experiences and extend their horizons and which provide opportunities for social discussion, problem solving and increased communication.

So purchasing the best playground for your school or in your backyard is very important, because most of the manufacturer will sell there product with the many guarantees but its not only selling the product they should have to give a better services to where most of the play ground manufacturer fails .So its very important for us to really chose a best manufacturer with best services so that in there future also they will ready to help us and another thing that we have to look is that either to choose a plastic built playground or metal or wood .

Koochie is a Global brand with its presence in France, Australia, India, U.A.E, Morocco & Lebanon.

With 11 offices, and over 365 employees worldwide, we provide a wide spectrum of unique solutions and services to a clientele of premier organizations in the government and private sectors

All through its rapid expansion, Koochie’s essential values stand firm and are reflected across all its installations carried out in various parts of the world. The difference KOOCHIE has brought about is not a consequence of any contrived effort but is a direct result of keeping faith in certain core values, and not getting carried away with the flow.

Every component that goes into a koochie system are manufactured in state of the art O.E.M facilities located in Korea, Taiwan and China.

Koochie has its localized infrastructure in every major city in India [Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi], whilst its overseas offices are in Paris, Sydney, Beirut, Ajman, Dubai and Casablanca.

Koochie’s design and support team is located in Chennai that is totally equipped to provide all our customers with design and R&D support in terms of Auto-CAD layouts and base plan design.

End-to-end solutions capability – We manage turnkey projects, right form Consulting, designing, Building and installing our systems in various parts of the world. Our business is structured to provide a "One Stop Solution" to all our clients. Our extensive experience in the playground industry, helps provide our customers, total solutions, right from choosing the right equipment, subsequent flooring, to building a playground that will make a project extremely unique

Strong customer relationships - Koochie's customer orientation and service culture lead to enduring bonds with clients. Our distinct value proposition and service culture, coupled with our track record of successful service and product delivery, are reflected in our longstanding customer relationships with dominant players in key infrastructure, services and government sectors.

Strong service delivery chain - We have established an extensive services network in all key cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi in India, and our offices in Ajman, Dubai and Casablanca give us an unmatched advantage in servicing customers with localized presence.

Finally the playground equipment manufacturer should produce toys that are educational and involve physical activity. The products should also be designed to increase the child's concentration and his hand and body coordination. This would help the child to learn more than well as keep him busy without getting bored. Parents would prefer such toys which would keep their kids busy while at the same time help their kids learn something.

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